Zimbabwe - Vulnerability Alleviation Project (VAP) - P-ZW-IE0-004 - Executive Summary ESMF

The Vulnerability Alleviation Project (VAP) aims to contribute to the cushioning of the vulnerable populations of Zimbabwe, particular in the urban areas, from the impacts of the ongoing economic reforms in the country. The proposed operation builds on the extensive in-country Public Works Project experience, to strengthen urban resilience by reinforcing coping mechanisms across priority sectors. The Project will contribute to building resilience and improving the livelihoods of vulnerable youth and women through the development of community infrastructure and community livelihood economic opportunities. Based on the needs in vulnerability alleviation, gender and youth development, the envisaged project is designed to support the social protection efforts by the Government and development partners to address urban resilience building through labour-intensive public works, technical skills and entrepreneurship development. Interventions in the high impact areas identified will contribute to the creation of jobs and economic opportunities for women and youth in vulnerable communities. Read more here...

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