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ISO 26000 Social Responsibility

16-19 August, 2023

Social responsibility has become a major concern nowadays, as the pressure from the public for organizations to behave in a more socially responsible manner and adhere to social standards has significantly increased. Organizations around the world need to take the necessary measures toward enhancing their social performance and making the world a better place.


By improving your performance through the adoption of ISO 26000, you will demonstrate to the audience that you are contributing towards a sustainable development.

By becoming ISO 26000 certified, you will not only prove that you are effectively delivering products and services to stakeholders and public; you will also demonstrate that you care about the environment and its sustainability.


Moreover, you will enhance the reputation of the company by attracting new customers and employees, who wish to maintain a healthy ecosystem. 

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Benefits of ISO 26000 Social Responsibility

By becoming ISO 26000 certified, you will be able to:

  • Increase your profits 

  • Help the organization behave in a more socially responsible manner

  • Enhance the internal processes so that you contribute to the environment

  • Increase the awareness of the impact of social responsibility

  • Motivate the employees

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18-21 August, 2023

Regardless of what industry you are in, accidents that lead to injury or health related issues will always occur. Therefore, whether you are an employee, manager or business owner, you will always share the same goal- minimize the number of casualties at work. ISO 45001 provides you with a framework to identify, control and prevent work-related injuries.

By obtaining an ISO 45001 certification you will prove that you care about the well-being of employees and that you are continually making efforts to enhance their welfare. Furthermore, you will earn a globally recognized certificate on Occupational Health and Safety Management, which will prove that you are aware of the policies and processes needed to reduce work injuries.


You will also gain a competitive advantage by improving your brand’s reputation and increasing your capacity.


Benefits of ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management

By becoming ISO 45001 certified you will be able to:

  • Reduce work-related injuries, ill -health and deaths

  • Eliminate or minimize OH&S risks

  • Improve OH&S performance and effectiveness

  • Protect and improve brand reputation

  • Transform  operations from detection to prevention mode

  • Improves compliance with current legislations


How do I get started with ISO 45001 Training?

Numerous workplace accidents, which can jeopardize the health and safety of employees, frequently take place around the world.That is why our experts will guide you through the necessary steps to implement ISO 45001 within your organization.

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ISO 37101 Management Systems for Sustainable Development in Communities

13-16 August, 2023

ISO 37101 is an international standard which specifies the requirements of and provides guidance on the establishment of a management system for sustainable development in communities. The standard aims to help communities establish a framework that allows them to improve their standing in their social, economic and environmental aspects.


The requirements of the standard can be applied to communities of all sizes in their sustainable development efforts towards smart, more resilient and more efficient infrastructure and ultimately help improve their overall well-being.


The standard addresses specific sustainability issues such as governance, education, innovation, health care, interdependence, safety, inclusivity, etc., and has the flexibility of adding other sustainability issues which may prove relevant to the community implementing it. 

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Why should you pursue a certification in ISO 37101?

By becoming ISO 37101 certified, you will prove that you have the credentials to help a community live, work, develop and prosper in a manner that is socially, environmentally and economically sustainable.


A PECB certificate of one of the ISO 37101 training courses demonstrates your commitment to help communities fundamentally change their approach toward sustainable development. In addition, you could help communities by making them more attractive to investors; improve their practices of environmental preservation; improve their adaptability to economic and social changes; steer them toward more responsible resource usage, etc.

Benefits of implementing ISO 37101 in a community

By implementing a sustainable development management system based on ISO 37101, a community will:

  • Build consensus on sustainable development within communities

  • Put in place a system which takes into account the pillars of sustainable development (economic, social, and environmental aspects) as well as the UN SDGs.

  • Improve the sustainability, smartness and resilience of strategies, programs, projects, plans and services that are under the direct responsibility of communities

  • Preserve and improve the environment

  • Improve resilience and optimize resource usage

  • Foster a systematic approach to engaging all interested parties

  • Increase the efficiency and attractiveness of communities

  • Obtain international recognition

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