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Richflood Sustainability Solutions

Richflood is constantly researching, upgrading  and collaborating with tech industries for up-to-date solutions that seeks to measure ESG performances for corporations. Our ESG Solutions allows our clients to drill down into three underlying Environmental, Social and Governance & Economic Dimensions of their operations. 

Investors want business leaders to focus on ESG metrics. That means progress on ESG isn't just a nice-to-have anymore. It's something shareholders will demand, because they believe it's going to drive everything else they care about. Customers and market demands are placing increased pressure on corporations to engage in more sustainable business practice, and investors are increasingly using ESG criteria to evaluate the companies in which they might want to invest. 


Where applicable, we will recommend the most suitable sustainability and carbon accounting software for ESG thats suits clients' operations.

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ESG Frameworks serve as guiding principles, underpinning responsible business practices by helping organisations navigate environmental, social, and governance aspects.


These frameworks provide a structured blueprint that ensures coherence and consistency in the intricate landscape of ESG reporting.

Join the erudite consultants and gain more insight.

ESG Webinar 

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ESG Reporting Standards and Frameworks


ESG Assessment

Helping clients undertake an independent assessment to understand the latest trends and developments, evolving regulatory requirements, and the frameworks and standards that are relevant to generating value.

Investors and clients leverage ESG Intelligence to inform a broad range of strategic aims, sustainability practices, and responsible business efforts.

Road Trip

ESG Evaluation

Our independent analysis and second-party views can play an integral role in reinforcing your commitments leading to deeper more transparent connections with all stakeholders including investors and customers.

Our Evaluations help investors gain a better understanding of our client's strategy, purpose and management quality regarding ESG performances.


ESG Performance 

ESG Performance Reporting enables client to directly access key sustainability metrics and benchmark company's performance on a wide range of industry-specific economic, environmental and social criteria that are relevant to the growing number of sustainability focused investors and financially relevant to corporate success. This Include practical strategies to embed best-practices within existing systems to measure defined processes to meet sustainability goals .

Green Roofs


In the financial services industry, there is an increasing realization that sustainable practices have a potential to save costs, grow revenues, reduce reputational and legal risks, as well as drive the development of human capital and improve access to finance. The financial sustainability principles and its reporting are vital steps towards achieving a sustainable global economy.

Richflood sustainability solution has been designed to provide customers a one stop dashboard for all their corporate reporting needs.

Allows businesses to track metrics across GRI, SDG, CDP and custom indices.

The solution is organised under 3 heads.

1. Corporate Sustainability,
2. Environmental Sustainability and
3. Health and Safety

Beautiful Nature
Along with our GRI Trained & Certified experts and our carbon accountants, we’ll help you collect, organize, validate, and report your data, in a simple, un-intimidating way. 

Unified Sustainability solution to manage and report on all your sustainability parameters with over 150 ready-to-use dashboards, that offer you a single source of truth, real-time, on any device. 

Point solutions that solves environmental sustainability challenges as a unified whole- whether CSR, Carbon accounting, biodiversity, health, and safety.

Corporate Sustainability

This app covers insights on various dimensions of business strategy including supplier readiness, disclosure, marketing and labelling and other compliances as per GRI, SDG, CDP and other Frameworks.

Environmental Sustainability
This app covers comprehensive insights and dashboards related to environmental criteria like emissions, energy, waste, water management etc. in compliance with GRI, SDG, CDP and other Frameworks.

Health and Safety
This app covers occupational health and safety data as defined by GRI, SDG, CDP and other Frameworks to help track and measure consistent and reliable safety and health metrics

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