Zimbabwe - Emergency Power Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project

ZETDC and Mandate

The Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) is a Government owned company responsible for the development, operation and maintenance of the transmission and distribution networks in Zimbabwe. The transmission system is made up of 420kV, 330kV, 220kV, 132kV, 110kV, 88kV and 66kV lines and substations while the distribution system is made up of 33kV, 22kV, 11kV and 380/220V lines and substations. The transmission and distribution lines have a combined length of over 30 000km and close to 31 000 substations servicing a customer base above 600 000. Through funding assistance from the African Development Bank (AfDB), ZETDC is replacing faulted transformers on the network at selected substations countrywide.

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