Tanzania-Final EIS for the proposed construction of transmission line from Malagarasi plant - Kigoma

Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO) is intending to construct a 400/132/33kV substation at Kidahwe and 53km of 132kV transmission line from Malagarasi Hydropower Plant to Kigoma substation. The transmission line is intended to evacuate 44.8MW power generated from Malagarasi Hydropower plant to Kigoma. The 400/132/33kV substation will be constructed at Kidahwe in Kigoma District Council. The line will align from Malagarasi to Mazungwe (20km) in a 20m wide corridor acquired by TANESCO under the Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) and from Mazungwe to Kidahwe (33km) be aligned in a new wayleave to be acquired by the project. The proposed wayleave will go parallel with the proposed 400kV line from Kigoma to Mpanda under the North West Grid project(NWG). Therefore the total distance of the transmission line isexpected to be 53km. Read more...

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