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South Africa - Redstone 100mw Concentrated Solar Power (Csp) Project – ESMP

This Construction Environmental and Social Management Plan (CESMP) and Operational Environmental and Social Management Plan (OESMP) has been compiled for the ACWA Power SolarReserve Redstone Solar Thermal Power Plant as per the Environmental Authorisation. The Project, situated on the Remaining Extent of the Farm No 469, involves the construction and operation of a 100 MWnet Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Plant that uses a central receiver technology with molten salts storage and its associated infrastructure. This ESMP also provides the final site layout for the project with its associated infrastructure. The ESMP has been developed on the basis of the findings of the EIA, and must be implemented to protect on-site and off-site features through the management of construction, operation and decommissioning activities the aim is to minimize potential impacts on the environment. Read more/Download full document here...

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