South Africa - Eskom Power Generation & Transmission Project - ESIA Summary

In order to alleviate current and future network constraints under N1 contingency (loss of one of the Transmission power lines) in KwaZulu Natal, it was proposed that a 765kV ring must be built. The proposed plan consists of 765kV lines from the generation pool in Mpumalanga, one line to the Empangeni area and the other line to Pinetown area. It is also proposed to construct 400kV link between Empangeni and Pinetown 765kV networks. With the 765kV ring in place, the critical contingency (critical loss of a power line) for the Pinetown network is the loss of the Venus Ariadne 400kV line. The reason for this is becauseVenus is a strong 400kV source since the Majuba and Drakensberg power stations feed into this substation Read more..

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