Sierra Leone - Rehabilitation and extension Bo-kenema distribution system – ARAP Summary

The Bo-Kenema network is an islanded electricity network which supplies power to the populations in Bo and Kenema as well as the town of Balma. This network also provides a connection to the hydro power station at Goma.This is shown in A 73km interconnecting 33kV single circuit exists between Bo and Kenema, which allows load to flow between the two cities. It also allows power to be provided to villages and towns located on the Bo-Kenema highway which connects the cities however, although a number of tee off connection points have been provided along this line (at Gerihun, Yamandu, Baoma Station and Blama villages), all but Blama are unconnected at present. Generation is connected to the network in the form of the hydropower at Goma Read more...

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