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Richflood Sustainability Reporting Solution

Corporate entities around the world including Africa, most especially publicly listed companies, are required to provide ESG/Sustainability reporting for investments and operations.

Richflood Sustainability Reporting Solution assists publicly listed companies to comply with the SEC ‘Guidelines on Sustainable Financial Principles for the Nigerian Capital Market’.

Richflood sustainability solution has been designed to provide customers a one stop dashboard for all their corporate reporting needs.

Allows businesses to track metrics across GRI, SDG, CDP and custom indices.

The solution is organised under 3 heads.

1. Corporate Sustainability,

2. Environmental Sustainability and

3. Health and Safety

Through our solution, ethical sourcing and carbon emissions can be visualised in prebuilt sustainability reports so the company can monitor the strategic use of energy and resources and other ESG parameters comprehensively.

Visit the webpage or Contact our office for how to get started in a few clicks

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