Nigeria - Lagos, Nigeria – Shoreline Protection, Land Reclamation and City Masterplanning

owns and cities along the West African coastline have become prominent as important contributors to national gross domestic products (GDPs). The latter is derived from coastal activities such as oil and gas, shipping, fishing, tourism and commerce. The attractiveness of the coastline is resulting in population concentrations along the coastline, with a rate of urbanization slightly higher than the interiors. As a result, many capitals and major towns are coastal. At the same time, this geographical space is undergoing annual coastal retreats of between 1-2 metres. This level of coastal erosion has devastating effects and induces the loss of infrastructure such as buildings rail, bridges, roads etc. It also threatens populations, who can no longer live close to the coastline. The projected rise in sea levels due to climate change further exacerbates these risks. Read more here...

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