Nigeria - (EIA) Kaiama Integrated Cassava Starch Production Project at Kaiama L.G.A, Kwara State

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Kaiama Integrated Cassava Starch Production Project (KICSPP) is a project owned by H & W Starch Derivatives Ltd. The proposed project is aimed at processing Cassava into Starch Derivatives. The proposed project area covers an area of about 10,100 hectares.

The two main components of the proposed project include:

i. Cassava Cultivation Estate: where the cultivation and production of cassava would be taking place. The species of the Cassava to be cultivated is the TME-419 variety.

ii. Starch Processing Plant: where the cassava would be processed into starch for the packaged food processing industry. The harvested cassava will serve as input for the starch processing plant equipment with processing input capacity of 400 tons of cassava per day.

Project Location

The proposed Kaiama Integrated Cassava Starch Production Project (KICSPP) is located in Gwaria/Gwariawizi Community, Kaiama Local Government Area of Kwara State, Nigeria. The project location is approximately 140 km North-West of Ilorin, the state capital. The nearest airport is in Ilorin. The site is located next to the northern border between Oyo and Kwara States, along the Kishi – Kaiama road (Trunk A7). The project area is moderately populated. Communities surrounding the site along the Kishi – Kaiama road include: Moshe-Gada, Gwariawizi, Tese and Gwaria. The project host communities are dominated by Boko Tribe, which speaks Bokobaru dialect. Other languages with which they communicate include Yoruba and Hausa.

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