Kingdom of eSwatini - Manzini Region Integrated Water Supply and Sanitation Project - ESMP

Brief Project Description and Key Components

Manzini region is the most populous region in eSwatini. The Swaziland Water Services Corporation (SWSC), the water utility and Project proponent, has been faced with a challenge to provide water supply and sanitation services to unserved areas in the Manzini Region, in particular the peri-urban areas of Nhlambeni, Manzini South, Mthongwaneni, Mafutseni, and Sidvokodvo. The purpose of this Project is to improve the well-being of the inhabitants and spur economic growth in the Manzini Region through extension of the provision of adequate safe water supply and improved sanitation services. The objective of the Project is to meet the potable water requirements of Manzini and surrounding areas and reduce the risk of environmental pollution of the groundwater through provision of appropriate sanitation services. Read more/Download document...


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