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Ethiopia - Transmission and Distribution System Rehabilitation and Upgrading Project (AATDRUP) - RAP

This Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) was prepared to mitigate the impacts from the construction works at the existing 132kV single circuit (S/C) transmission line which will be replaced with a new 132 kV double circuit (D/C) transmission line (T/L) between Gofa and Mekanisa substations. The existing T/L corridor (which will be closely followed by the new 132 kV D/C line) heads from Gofa in a south westerly direction towards the Mekanisa substation site, crossing 53 plots of cultivated land plots, as well as one residential structure and one governmental structure (storage unit). It is understood that there are drainage issues and the ground could be contaminated with sewage that is overflowing from Addis Ababa’s Water Services Authority (AAWSA) sewer line which crosses below the transmission line at location 08057’25.1” N, 38044’22.3” E. Read more

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