Cameroon - Transport Sector Support Programme – ESMP Summary

The project’s aims is to asphalt a section of National Road No. 11in the North-WestRegion linking Bamenda-Ndop-Kumbo-Nkambe-Misaje-Mungong-Kimbi-Nyos-Weh-Wum-Bamenda“Ring Road”,approximately 357 km long. Part of this road section, including the Ndop-Kumbo stretch (60.5 km) is already asphalted. The road sections studied are located in the hilly North-WestRegion. This Region has a markedly undulating landscape and some hill ranges with multiple steep slopes such as the Sabga, Wainamah and Nyos escarpments. This hilly relief appears ill suited to the construction of a Category 2 road as recommended by the terms of reference Read more...

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