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Burkina Faso - Rural Drinking Water and Sanitation Project (PEPA-MR) in the Center-South ......

This project, which will be carried out in different centers in the central south and central west regions, is financed by the African Development Bank (AfDB). Several centers are concerned. These are the centers of Gana, Rakaye, Kossilsé and Targho (province of Bazéga), Zoula, Koukouldi and Bourou (Province of Sanguié), Yalle, Kelindou, Nebielianiayou, Bon, Tuai (Province of Sissili), Tuiré (Province of Ganzourgou), Mao massira (Province of Ziro), Tiougou (Province of Zoundwéogo) and Péyiri, Nazoanga, Bologo, Salbisgo-Itaoré and Bangrin (Province of Boulkiemdé).

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