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Locational Training Workshops

Training Workshop on IFC Performance Standards;  Environmental and Social Sustainability

Mombassa, Kenya
17-19 May, 2023

Toronto, Canada
10-14 April, 2023

The assessment and management of environmental and social risks and impacts are part of the larger overall set of processes that an investor uses to manage projects.


Each of the Performance Standards has elements related to human rights dimensions that a project may face in the course of its operations. Due diligence against these Performance Standards will enable the client to address many relevant human rights issues in its project.

Attend this training workshop and learn how you  manage environmental and social risks using the International Finance Corporations (IFC) Performance Standards (PS), thereby having a positive impact on project bottom line, reputation and development impact.

Earth Projection

The IFC PS are essential for successful and sustainable performance of projects. Performance Standard 1 underscores the importance of managing environmental and social (including labor, health, safety, and security) performance throughout the life of the investment. A good assessment and management system enables continuous improvement of environmental and social performance, and can lead to better economic, financial, social, and environmental outcomes.

Join our team of experts to explore key environmental and social issues of current and emerging importance for business, including climate change, business and human rights, supply chain management, gender issues, stakeholder engagement, Indigenous Peoples, and biodiversity and ecosystem services. The event will also x-ray implementation challenges and opportunities for continued learning and partnerships in both the financial and non-financial sectors. 

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ESG, Climate Change and Financial Security Training Workshop

Cape Town, South Africa 
13-15 September, 2023

Mombassa, Kenya
17-19 May, 2023

Evidence is mounting of man’s role in climate change. Human drivers are judged extremely likely to have been the dominant cause of global warming since the mid-20th century.

Despite the ongoing growth in ESG Investing, there remains numerous challenges when analysing ESG performance for investment funds.

The training workshop will provide insight as to how to;

  • manage your ESG risk

  • save time and money by centralising your data

  • conduct ESG due diligence on targets, and

  • simplify your reporting and meet specific ESG requirements/legislations

Construction Workers

Becoming climate positive or carbon negative means that an organisation not only achieves net-zero carbon emissions, but also removes additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, which positively affects the climate.The workshop dialogues will centre on how organizations can achieve carbon-neutrality balanced emission of carbon through carbon offsetting.

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Sustainable Product Innovation and Design Training Workshop

Aberdeen, United Kingdom
25-27 July, 2023

Mombassa, Kenya
17-19 May, 2023

This Sustainable Product Design training workshop enables you to understand the fundamental methods, techniques and approaches for the integration of environmental aspects into product design and development process based on ISO 14062.


Participants will invest quality time to;

Understand the components and understand how to integrate environmental aspects into product design and development based on ISO 14062:2002; 

Understand the goals and potential benefits of integrating environmental aspects into product design and development based on ISO 14062: 2002; 


Master the concepts, approaches, standards, methods and techniques for the integration of environmental aspects into product design and development.

Green Juices

Who should attend?

The Individuals involved in Product Development. Individuals seeking to gain knowledge about the main processes of Product Development. Individuals interested to pursue a career in Product Development.

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