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Minerals and Stones

Want to order analytical instruments?

Richflood Geoanalytical Laboratory Services 

From laboratory testing to regulatory compliance and beyond. Our field and in-house laboratory testing services provide the data you need to optimize the production process. 

Richflood’s testing and certification services support the quality, performance, regulatory compliance, safety, benchmarking, evaluation, validation, analysis, and other requirements for operations, products, components, raw materials, sites, and facilities.

Ore characterization and process mineralogy

Our commitment is to provide customers with the best ore characterisation during early, advanced and feasibility phases.

Environmental Sustainability

We guide our clients on the reduction of negative environmental, social, and governance impacts of mining operations. ESG accountability also has crucial implications for a mining company's ability to obtain permits, protect their assets from disruption, and access strategic partners, customers and other opportunities. 

Minerals Research and Development

We work with our clients to design a detailed testing program proposal outlining characterisation and testing methodology, schedule, pricing and reporting. With a combination of facility, equipment, personnel, international partnerships and procedures, you can trust us for your complete minerals testing and process development.

Geo-analytical Services Partnerships 

Our key objectives in partnerships are to achieve total customer satisfaction with a diverse range of analytical mineral exploration packages and to help develop new analytical methods to meet the growing demands of industry

Analytical Services

Instrumentation that provides rapid turnaround, quality results and accurate data. We offer testing services in most chemical and physical processing applications.

Terms and Conditions

Except where explicitly agreed in writing, all work and services performed by Richflood is subject to our General Terms and Conditions. Click this link for details

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