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House in Guinea Bissau

Our Focus

Richflood Foundation (RFF) works with rural communities in Africa to improve their livelihoods, provide clean water and provide funding for local NGOs. We also provide supports in form of professional services. Our work with rural women provides green initiatives such as the cookstoves project and assist them to change sustainably.

In the face of a changing climate, one of our objectives is to assist vulnerable groups to adapt to the hard realities.

Environmental education is a core objective of RFF. Sponsoring students and young scientist.

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Our Core Values 

  • Integrity 

  • Excellence 

  • Empathy 

  • Service

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Focal Areas

  • Environmental Sustainability

  • Livelihood Restoration 

  • Education

  • Women Empowernment 

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Our Vision 

A world where everyone sustainably live in a healthy environment, knowledgeable on how to consistently improve their source of livelihood and independently maintain their good fortune.

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Tree Planting

Tree Planting Project 

RF Foundation engages in education and community engagements on sustainable tree planting programs and projects.


The Program and projects are simple, replicable and scalable approach with proven successes. 

All Natural Bulk Food Dispensers

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Richflood Foundation Office

4 Chukwudifo Oputa Street, Asokoro, Abuja, Nigeria

Tel: +234 706 833 5157

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