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The Learning Centre Courses 190822

CATEGORY 1. Impact Assessment, Sustainable Development and E&S Standards;

TLC IA1; Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (Advanced)

TLC IA2; Environmental and Social Due Diligence (ESDD)

TLC IA3; Investment Risk Assessment

TLC IA4; Left Blank Intentionally. See IA22

TLC IA5; The Equator Principles, Environmental and Social Risks Assessment for Financial Institutions

TLC IA6; Environmental and Social Management Plans, ESMP

TLC IA7; Impact Mitigation Monitoring

TLC IA8; Stakeholders Engagement Plan 

TLC IA9; Resettlement Action Planning and Implementation

TLC IA10; Strategic Environmental Assessments
TLC IA11; Socio-economic Studies, Impact Assessment and Data Gathering Tools in Impact Assessment (Basic)

TLC IA12; Environmental Auditing
TLC IA13; Ecological Impact Analysis
TLC IA14; Community Development Planning
TLC IA15; Environmental Regulatory Compliance Monitoring
TLC IA16; Environmental Economics & Policy
TLC IA17; Environmental Due Diligence for Mergers and Acquisition, M&A Solutions
TLC IA18; Health Impact Assessments
TLC IA19; Left Blank Intentionally see IA22
TLC IA20; Natural Resource Management
TLC IA21; Environmental Protection and Rehabilitation Plan (EPRP)
TLC IA22; IFC Performance Standards; Environmental and Social Sustainability
TLC IA23; Post Impact Assessment
TLC IA24; Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Guidelines of the world bank

TLC IA25; Left blank Intentionally

TLC IA26; Rural and host communities engagement in Africa for Development Projects

TLC IA27; Understanding Rural Geography and Engagements Approach

TLC IA28; Introduction to Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (EIA)

CATEGORY 2. Climate Change

TLC CC1; Climate Change: Managing the Marine Environment

TLC CC2; Carbon Accounting

TLC CC3; Organisational GHG Accounting

TLC CC4; Understanding Scope 1, 2 and 3 Emissions.

TLC CC5; Carbon and energy due diligence

TLC CC6; Corporate Sustainability and Climate Change

TLC CC7; GHG Accounting for Gas Thermal Power Plant

TLC CC8; Project Level GHG Accounting- Basics

TLC CC9; Project Level GHG Accounting- Advanced

TLC CC10; GHG Accounting for an LNG Project 

TLC CC11; Understanding Emissions Trading Systems (ETS)

TLC CC12; Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Measures for Industries

TLC CC13; ESG, Climate Change and Financial Security

TLC CC14; Energy Transition through 2050: Climate Science, Low Carbon Energy and Carbon Capture Strategies that Lead to Net-Zero

CATEGORY 3. Specialised Courses

TLC SC1; Cultural Heritage and Archeology and Sustainable Development

TLC SC2; Marine and Coastal Ecological Assessment  

TLC SC3; Marine Ecology and Conservation

TLC SC4; Marine Mammal Physiology

TLC SC5; Fisheries Assessment 

TLC SC6; Ecological Assessments

TLC SC7; Heritage and Conservation

TLC SC8; Air Quality Assessment

TLC SC9; Coastal and Ocean Management

TLC SC10; Biodiversity and Conservation 

TLC SC11; Hydrological Survey

TLC SC12; Land Acquisition and Right of Way

TLC SC13; Hydrogeological Survey

TLC SC14; Remediation Management (Contamination from Mining Activities and Remediation Options)

TLC SC15; River Health Assessments Approach and Methodology

TLC SC16; Geographic Information System (GIS) technology

TLC SC17; Hydrology & Water Management

TLC SC18; Introduction to Archaeology and Impact Assessment 

TLC SC19; Archaeology  in Theory and Practice 

TLC SC20; Archaeology & Climate Change, Theory and Practice

TLC SC21; Aspects of Archaeology

TLC SC22; Archaeology in Practice 

TLC SC23; Introduction to Archaeology


CATEGORY 4; Management Systems
TLC MS1; Learning and Change Implementation
TLC MS2; Management Systems and Compliance
TLC MS3; 14001 Environmental Management System
TLC MS4; ISO 26000 Social Responsibility
TLC MS5; ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System
; ISO 37101 Management Systems for Sustainable Development in Communities

TLC MS7; Richflood Staff College (RSC)  Onboarding 

TLC MS8; Richflood Staff College (RSC) ESIA Implementation Approach at Richflood 

 CATEGORY 5; Laboratory Management

TLC LM1; Environmental Microbiology (Air Microbiology)

TLC LM2; Environmental Microbiology (Soil Microbiology)

TLC LM3; Environmental Microbiology (Water Microbiology)

TLC LM4; Microbial Ecology and Industrialisation

TLC LM5; Legionella Assessment and Management, (LMP)

TLC LM6; Environmental Monitoring

TLC LM7; Laboratory Science Technology

TLC LM8; Industrial Effluent Management 

  CATEGORY 6; Oil and Gas Courses
TLC OG1; Environmental Sustainability in the Oil and Gas Industry
TLC OG2; Environmental Management and control in the oil and gas industry
TLC OG3; Oil Spills Clean up and Remediation
;  Laboratory Science Technology

  CATEGORY 7; Sustainability

TLC SS1; Sustainable Product Innovation and Design

TLC SS2; Sustainability Reporting for Organisation

TLC SS3; Sustainable Procurement, Environmental and Social Standards

TLC SS4; Sustainable Finance

TLC SS5; Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) Reporting (or Sustainability Reporting)

TLC SS6; Environmental Laws and Regulations in Africa


 CATEGORY 7; Africa and Environmental Standards

TLC AF1;  An Overview of Environmental Regulations in Africa (54 Countries Review) 

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