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Institute for Sustainable Procurement, Environmental and Social Standards

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Training locations; 
1. Abuja Nigeria 
2. Kigali Rwanda
3. Accra Ghana
4. South Africa 
5. Cairo, Egypt 

Virtual Classroom Training available for all courses

Virtual Classroom Training available for all courses



Established July 2020, IPESS have been involved in promoting suppliers social and environmental responsibilities through institutional capacity building following the ISO 20400:2017 standard guidiance.

Procurement is a powerful instrument for organisations wishing to behave in a responsible way and contribute to sustainable development and to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. By  integrating sustainability in procurement policies and practices, including supply chains, organisations can manage risks (including opportunities).

At IPESS we believe that Corporations should work directly with their suppliers’ procurement units on the best ways to disseminate sustainability requirements throughout their supply networks. Increasingly, multinational corporations (MNCs) are pledging to procure the materials and services they need from companies committed to fair labor practices and environmental protections. But the reality is that their suppliers—especially those at low levels of the chain—often violate sustainability standards, exposing MNCs to serious financial and social risks.

Institute Training Courses;
Sustainable Procurement training course provides an overview of ‘sustainable procurement’ and how this concept aims to deliver best value for money whilst ensuring organisations behave in socially, economically and environmentally responsible ways. 

The courses are intended to provide a baseline understanding of the ISO 20400:2017 guidance standard, and provide instruction on strategy, integration, governance, process, roles/responsibilities, and enablers.

Participants can be drawn from Operational staff and/or Senior Management. Generally, our courses are targeted at procurement professionals, professionals working with environmental, social and economic issues, finance, legal, HR, engineers and operations.


Training Courses; 

Our Sustainable Procurement training courses can be provided on a dedicated basis at your premises, a venue of your choice or online in our Virtual Classroom.


You may also choose any location of your choice for the open courses.


When provided on a dedicated basis the course can be tailored to meet your requirements.


Dedicated training is normally more cost effective and convenient for those who wish to train employees.

Courses from $1,010 - $1500

Discounts available for multiple participants

Sustainable Procurement, Environmental and Social Standards

Open Courses Dates

19th - 26th November 

Abuja, Nigeria 

 18th - 25th February 

Cape Town, South Africa 

 17th - 24th June

Kigali Rwanda

19th - 26th November 

Manchester City, UK

Fundamental concepts and principles of sustainable procurement

  • The concept of sustainable development

  • Sustainable procurement

  • Principles of sustainable procurement

  • Core subjects of sustainable procurement

  • Drivers for sustainable procurement

  • Risk-based thinking

  • The ten principles of the global compact and supply chain sustainability

Integrating sustainability into the organization’s procurement policy and strategy

  • Committing to sustainable procurement 

  • Clarifying accountability

  • Aligning procurement with organizational objectives and goals

  • Understanding procurement practices and supply chains

  • Managing the implementation

Organizing the sustainable procurement 

  • Governing procurement

  • Enabling people

  • Organizational culture and procurement

  • Performance management

  • Learning through collaboration

  • Identifying and engaging stakeholders

  • Engaging the supply chains

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