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Richflood Foundation Food Bank  

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Our food bank network helps people break free from food poverty by providing additional support to help people resolve the crises that they face. Our food banks rely on the support of Richflood Businesses and supports initiatives focused on ending poverty in locations where we do business. 

While we tackle the structural issues that lock people into poverty, our food banks provide the best possible emergency food and support to people in crisis.


Covid-19 Crisis Food Donations  

Non-perishable in-date food is donated by Richflood Foundation to families who need them most and most especially to aged men and women at a range of places, such as villages, schools, churches and strategic collection points. 

Our program execution approach systematically identifies people in crisis and issue them with a food bank voucher. With this voucher they can access food support services in locations where we serve. 

Richflood foundation funding comes from Richflood International Ltd businesses. However, we welcome donations to our foodbanks. Please contact us to know the food bank nearest to you. 

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No one should go hungry - we're here to help as much as we can

NGO Support

We give support to Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) who genuinely are ready to work with us to reach the most vulnerable. Apply here

Household Support

We give support to households who genuinely need food support Apply here

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Richflood Foundation Volunteers Needed

1. Project Coordinators across states
2. Blogger and content developers
3. Digital Marketer to maintain social media pages
4. Drivers for food distribution
5. Food supermarkets to serve as our food banks across strategic locations
6. Graphic Designers
7. Human Resource Manager 
8. Foundation Accountant

Richflood Foundation Foodbank Locations

1. Kpaduma Village, Abuja. Click here to see progress map and relevant data (view on desktop)
2. Mararaba Village, Nasarawa
3. Lafia and Villages, Nasarawa
4. Kubwa Village, Abuja
5. Karshi Village, Abuja
6. Keffi, Nasarawa
7. Lokoja, Kogi State 
8. Richflood Foundation Storage
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