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Partner – ESG and Sustainability Services (Director Level) DR Congo

Interested in having a career with the leading ESG/sustainability consultancy firm in Africa? As part of the continued growth and innovation of our firm, Richflood Ltd has an opportunity for an experienced ESG leader to join our global consulting firm as a Partner in DRC, Africa.


As Partner you’re responsible for business development, talent sourcing, and professional service delivery to investors or intending investors in Africa.

A. Primary responsibilities

  1. Lead sustainability agenda for real sectors investments in Africa for existing and new clients.

  2.  Develop and manage relationships across the business spectrum for world leading organisations looking to invest in the African market by establishing a database and developing engagement strategies for results.

  3. Develop and guide programs, long-term build marketing visions and strategies, build the Richflood Ltd brand, reputation and profile.

  4. Work with partners, and set up project teams to sustain growth programs, create and support the organisations' strategic alliances and partnerships.

  5. Meet business financial targets, overall project budget and schedule, client satisfaction/expectations, and internal and contract requirements.

  6. Generate sales, lead business units and develop suitable growth strategy for Richflood for the continent.

  7. Negotiate contract terms with clients and communicate terms to stakeholders.

  8. Provide sound financial advice on business matters, guidance regarding legal matters and ensure compliance with laws.

B. Essential Requirements

  1. MS/Ph.D. in Environmental Management, Environmental Sustainability or related discipline;

  2. Knowledge of ESG/Investment sustainability requirements of AFC, IFC, World bank, AfDB, Afrexim, Chinese Lending Banks and other African development partners.

  3. Excellent Writing skills, Management skills, Leadership Skills and innovative Skills that drives growth;

  4. Oral and written communication skills, presentation strengths, problem-solving skills, ability to work both autonomously and as part of a team and ability to convey complex technical information in a clear and accurate manner.

  5. Minimum of 15 years’ experience managing and/ or providing sustainability services, consultancy services in the field of environmental, social and governance (ESG) for investments, corporate sustainability advisory and climate change

  6. Willing to undertake travels to African Countries.


Job Location: DRC, Africa

Application Materials: Apply by sending application letter, resume, and passport photograph to this Email with the title: “010120/DRC/DR Response to Vacancy Announcement”

About Richflood Ltd

Richflood Ltd was incorporated in England and Wales to provide consultancy services during project conceptualisation and planning stages including Investment Risk Assessment, Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA), Land Acquisition Management, Resettlement Action Planning and Execution etc. Please visit see technical capabilities  for more information and view the industries we serve 


Richflood international Ltd was incorporated in Nigeria over a decade ago, and other African Countries and have been working with clients to resolve ESG, sustainability and regulatory compliance demands for major investment projects in Africa. Our clients are global investors coming into Africa to harness great investment opportunities in Power, Agriculture, Manufacturing e.t.c sectors.


Richflood is committed to enabling organisations realise maximum value from investments by better understanding and meeting environmental, health, safety and social obligations in a continually changing regulatory landscape.



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