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Site work
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Richflood Employment Benefits

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1. Medical insurance

2. Housing Policy

3. Student/study Policy

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Internal Memo; Introduction of "Field Work Appraisal" in our Operations

Internal Memo

Date; 11th October 2022
Title; Introduction of Field Work Appraisal in our Operations
Attention; HODs and Technical Department

Background; Management discovery shows that each site is unique in its challenges, unique expectation of client and performance of staff in tackling identified challenges in the field.

Due to the above backdrop, management will be reviewing each site operations outcome including special challenges encountered by staff, how she/he handled it, what extra expectation the client had, how it was tackled, what went wrong including incidents and how the staff tackled the challenge.

Objectives of Appraisal Meeting;
1. Improve service delivery to clients;
2. Improved staff capacity in tackling unique experiences in the field;
3. Improved management knowledge on field operations challenges for the modification of existing organisational policies and culture;
4. A tool for continuous improvement policy of Richflood.

Effective immediately, the approach for appraisal will include the following;

1. A physical or online meeting with management to review the above key points with staff who attended to the client demands in the field;

2. Discussion on what expectations we did not capture, exceptions and what should reflect in relevant reports;

3. General feedback on what came up in the field. Staff should have their points ready before the 30minutes meeting and be straight to the point;

4. Comments from management on lessons learnt and how it should apply to future studies. CS actions required from the experiences;

5. An email, content needed to be sent to client if necessary to be agreed upon as follow up based on staff contact with client;

6. This policy applies to all outing activities made and should take place within 24hours of such meeting. Applies to ESIA, EAu, IMM, SEP, Laboratory sampling outings and all outings where we have contact with clients.

It is expected that this step in improvement of quality service delivery to our client will boost client satisfaction and position our services for excellence in line with our vision.

Must be in Attendance
COO and HOD Tech

God bless all Richflooders and Richflood as we strive towards excellence.