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Top environmental consultants in Africa 2022

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

The market for sustainability consulting services has begun to take shape as businesses struggle with setting decarbonisation goals and measuring progress. The leaders in the US environmental services market are AECOM, CH2M, ERM, Ramboll Environ and Tetra Tech, according to a Verdantix report released in 2016. Read More.

These major players are also the top environmental consulting firms based on revenue. According to Verdantix, which benchmarked the 15 largest environmental services providers, large multi-disciplinary engineering services firm dominate the $14.6 billion US market. Read More

More recent study reveals that Richflood is the topmost environmental services firm to watch out for in 2022, headquartered in Abuja, Nigeria spreading its tentacles to a number of African countries and working with highly ranked firms in the UK and US.

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loua alexis
loua alexis
Dec 26, 2021

I admired your service did in Guinea so keep it up.

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