05 Feb

An Overview Of Power Sector Laws, Policies And Reforms In Nigeria

Abstract—This paper is concerned with Nigeria’s energy sector challenges and reforms put forward by the Government to tackle the challenges. Laws and policies aimed at addressing the various energy generation, transmission and distribution challenges bedevilling the energy sector are stated and explained. Various strategies were employed by the Government which include encouraging private sector participation, diversification of the energy generation sources and promoting energy efficiency for sustainable development. The Government has spent billions of dollars since 2003 in the construction of new power generation facilities, transmission lines and distribution centres to boost the power supply and at the same time initiated the process of selling off the existing facilities to private investors. Also, the Energy Commission of Nigeria embarked on programs and strategies aimed at boosting energy generation from renewable sources. On the other hand, the commission focus on the need for energy efficiency on both demand and supply side to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and viability of energy systems. The renewable energy sector was boosted by the implementation of various renewable energy generation projects such as the Lekki biogas plant, the Katsina wind farm and the establishment of renewable energy research and development centres across the country

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