Mine Site Rehabilitation/Reclamation Services

In practice mine site rehabilitation is not necessarily about returning the land to its former state or use.

Instead, mine site rehabilitation is the act of returning the land to a feasible and most valued post-mining land use.

Mining Companies should consider developing a more refined land rehabilitation plan within six months of commencement of operations.

Basic principles of reclamation including:

  • Progressively rehabilitate sites where possible,
  • Reshape areas disturbed by mining operations to the extent possible to attain:
    • Site stability
    • Adequate drainage to minimize erosion,
    • Compatibility with desired long-term land use, and
    • Surface conducive to re-vegetation.
  • Salvage and stockpile topsoil (growth medium) in accordance with suitability for reclamation,
  • Identify alternate substrates for use as growth medium (e.g., overburden, oxidized waste material),
  • Incorporate use of local or native species in re-vegetation plan,
  • Remove all facilities and equipment not required for restoration in a timely manner,
  • Properly dispose of residual hazardous materials,
  • Identify overburden and exposed strata that may be deleterious to water quality or re-vegetation efforts and
  • Monitor and manage rehabilitated areas until vegetation is self-sustaining and all reclamation objectives have been met.